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Tops , Bottoms, Dresses, Trousers Jumpsuits ( Woven )

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Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Kırmızı cad. no:5 16150 Işıktepe/Osb

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Tolga Olağaner


Supplier Chain Manager and Board Member

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3F was founded from 3 co-founders and experienced team to reach aimed targets. Trust and integrity are the cornerstones of our long-lasting relationships and essential to foster loyalty and teamwork....

We care about our people, our customers, vendors and communities and about creating a sustainable future together. In terms of our specialization, we provide a range of fabrics that includes soft type of woven, lace, jacquard, fancy and value added knitted qualities with fast sampling department for your developments and merchandising service. Our services cover all aspects of the supply chain from product design, raw & dyed material sourcing, product management and business processes to quality control, delivery and logistics. Regarding to aims of our design department , we believe in concept of dressing up which starts in early ages of childhood and never truly ends without choosing nationality or gender. The most important thing is to believe in what we do. We don’t define our aims as dreams , we made our plans and ready to give this service to our customers with our passion and hardworking. It’s a complete service with fashion design and graphics specified on kids, woman, man and accessories departments. In the meantime, we guarantee that our company puts all of our customer’s social compliance rules first. In terms of CSR, our company commited itself to all fundemantal components such as, workplace health and safety, legal compliance, prevention of child labor, respect for workers’ rights , environment and human health , supply chain operating standards.

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