About Us

About The Cluster

The Cluster Of Industry 4.0 Integration consists of 18 leading companies located in Turkey, Bursa. With the clustering approach, it is aimed  that the companies gathered around common needs and goals will form a cluster to achieve a synergy and provide competitive advantage. The main purpose of the project is to increase the market reach of its member companies via carrying out specially designed initiatives aimed at boosting competitiveness.

The needs analysis for each company in the cluster are made,  required trainings and strategic consultancy regarding industry 4.0 services are provided at firm level,  ‘’Abroad Marketing Events’’ and Buying Missions’’ are formed and participation at ‘Visits of Trade Fairs’’ are supported within this endeavor which is conducted by UHKİB Uludağ Apparel and Clothing Exporters’ Association.

A great amount part of Turkish apparel and clothing, fabrics and home textile exports are held by our members and the figures are increasing every year.


Turkish apparel and clothing sector is a modern industrial sector that is environment friendly. The industry have digitally-aided production systems that are producing in all unit sizes, from small and medium size enterprises to large manufacturing plants. Turkish apparel and clothing industry is thriving in the production of high value-added, branded products; possessing quality, efficiency, original designs, with strong marketing and delivery channels. In addition, the sector is one of the top sectors with high export performance and creates the highest foreign trade surplus in Turkey.

Uludag Apparel and Clothing Exporters Association (UHKİB) was established in Bursa in 1986 under Uludag Exporters’ Associations. As of January 2021, UHKİB has a total of 942 active members. In 2020, the total exports of the Association amounted to 738.3 million USD. The main partners for UHKİB in 2020 are; Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and USA. Our industry perfectly meets the requirements of the European continent, which demands the world’s highest standards for the materials, production, quality and health. 67% of UHKİB’s exports are made to EU.

UHKİB’s mission is to increase the export performance of its members and to contribute to the development of bilateral and multilateral trade relations by assisting its members in international commercial activities and to ensure that exports continue to increase in all markets.

UHKİB; fulfilling this task assigned by laws and regulations, carrying out many activities in order to improve our mutual economic relations with our foreign trade and other countries. Some of these activities are listed below;

  • PR activities
  • Training activities
  • Counseling services
  • Coordination activities
  • Publication activities
  • Statistical records
  • Economic researches and reports
  • Trade and Purchasing Delegations
  • Fairs

Uludag Apparel and Clothing Exporters Association continues to work in order to meet the needs of textile and ready-to-wear sector in terms of qualified personnel, following global trends in fashion and design, creating original trends, has become a center of attraction for fashion and design.